News for drivers

This page is may be used as a reference point with historical useful information for drivers. I hope you find it useful.

Conduct of driving instructors

The Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency has published guidance to underline the conduct expected of ADI driving instructors and to protect and improve the reputation of the ADI profession. For full details click here.

Changes to driving test from December 2017

The driving test will change from Monday 4 December 2017 to include following directions from a sat nav and testing different manoeuvres. To find out full details please click here.

Learner drivers warned about extra charges

DVSA is warning learner drivers to avoid copycat websites and save money by using GOV.UK.
If you type the names of some popular government services into search engines, some of your search results might be ads for sites that offer a service you could get for free (or for much less) on GOV.UK, the government’s own website.
Driving test bookings
Some of these copycat websites offer to book theory and practical driving tests, and look like they might be official, but they actually charge a premium for their services.
Some websites charge:
up to £30 for just booking a test, on top of the driving test fee itself
a ‘pass protection’ fee with the promise of a free retest that very few customers actually qualify to use
Copycat websites don’t let you pick an actual appointment, and don’t give you instant confirmation of your booking.
Find out how to save money by using GOV.UK and what the government is doing about copycat websites

Follow “THINK Biker” on Facebook

DVSA is working more closely with the ‘THINK Biker’ team to establish a single Facebook presence for motorcycle safety updates.

If you already use Facebook and haven’t already done so, please ‘like’ the THINK Biker page to continue to see DVSA content.
If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still view content by visiting
DVSA’s learner rider Facebook page
Our closer working with the THINK! campaign on Facebook means that we will shortly close the ‘Learning to ride starts here’ page.
If you have been a fan of this page over the past 3 years, we would like to thank you for your support and hope to see you on ‘THINK Biker’.

Pass your test with help from the Driving Standards Agency 

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is the Government agency that sets the rules for drivers so if you know those rules and keep to them it will help pass your test and make you a better driver. This page on my website summarises the latest news for you.

pass your test

DSA has developed a new website to help learners and experienced drivers. This is a great initiative and will help you pass your test and also become a better driver. Remember that you want to be a safe and courteous driver and to make your driving as cheap as possible. If you are a safe driver, motoring will cost you less as you will get cheaper insurance and not have fines caused by poor driving. 

In August 2013, new penalties for careless driving were introduced. You should be aware of these to help you be a safe and cost-free driver

Government help to reduce the cost of motoring

The government has announced measures to help motorists to cut the cost of running a car, including :
a crackdown on whiplash fraud
a freeze on MOT test prices
a review of driving test costs
a scheme designed to reduce the cost of fuel at motorway service stations.

No tax disc required

DVLA will offer motorists the ability to spread their vehicle tax payments should they wish to do so. From 1 October 2014 motorists will be able to pay vehicle tax by direct debit annually, biannually or monthly.
Also from 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc, first issued on 1 January 1921, will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen.
Vehicle tax will still need to be paid but with DVLA having a digital record of who has and has not paid, a paper tax disc is no longer necessary as proof that vehicle tax is paid.