Top tips to pass your test

There are so many things to think about to pass your test so this page on my website is to help you prepare as best you can.

pass your testMyself or other driving instructors will give you advice on how you can give yourself the best possible chance to pass your test. There is also lots of useful information on the internet. The links below take you to two such sites but simple searches can find a whole host of information.
I wouldn’t recommend you read too much as you may get confused and bogged down, but rather pick a website you like and take note of its tips.

My tips to help pass your test :

    • Do the simple things competently. You are not learning to drive a getaway car (I hope !) so concentrate on the basics.
    • Use your mirror frequently to know whats going on around you.
    • Don’t surprise yourself, your tutor, your examiner or other drivers by making sudden changes of direction. If you are using your mirror correctly this will be unlikely.
    • Do your homework ! Sounds boring but if you want to pass quickly (and avoid unnecessary fines once you’ve passed), learn the Highway Code, prepare well for your Theory Test and use the internet to get driving tips and get ready for each lesson.
    • Don’t forget the “Show and Tell” element of the test. Its a fairly new part of the test and is only two questions. Some students are nervous of it, but there is no need to be. This link to an advisory website will help with your preparation.